About @theBar


The @theBar blog is an online publication of the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section (YLS).  On May 16, 2018, the YLS Executive Council approved the creation of the @theBar blog as a project of the YLS Journal.


The @theBar blog strives to promote the YLS’s dedication to professional development, ethical practice, the service of our profession, and the well-being of our members.


The @theBar blog is YLS member driven and directed with the gracious technological support and assistance of the staff of the Chicago Bar Association.  Editorial discretion lies with the @theBar Blog Steering Committee.  The Blog Steering Committee is comprised of six members and the Blog Administrator who chairs the Committee.  The Blog Administrator is the Assistant Editor of the YLS Journal and a member of the YLS Executive Council.

Why a blog?

Now, more so than ever before, recently admitted attorneys have the ability to positively impact the legal profession.  We face catastrophic levels of educational debt, ever-increasing stress, and rapid-fire demands to perform in a digital society.  The future of our profession is dependent upon both our ability to thrive in spite of these challenges and take the art and practice of lawyering into the twenty-first century with grace.  In order to provide a platform for YLS members to support and dialogue with one another, the YLS Executive Council determined an online publication in blog format was an invaluable tool to enhance member dialogue and foster connections among younger members of the bar.  Join the Conversation!