Kenny Matuszewski

Kenny M

Place of Employment: Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg

Practice Area: Intellectual Property and Patent Prosecution

Admission Year: 2016

CBA Involvement: YLS Project Officer; Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Blog Steering Committee; Co-Chair of the YLS Intellectual Property Committee; Euphonium and Tuba player in the Barrister’s Big Band and CBA Symphony Orchestra (“CBASO”)

A Paragraph Describing Your Professional Background: Kenneth “Kenny” Matuszewski is an Associate Counsel at Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP, where he focuses his practice on patent prosecution. Kenny also has extensive experience litigating software, electrical and mechanical patents in federal court and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. A firm believer that learning is a lifelong process, Kenny graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Oregon State University in December 2019. Previously, he double-majored in Biological Sciences and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame and earned his J.D. at Chicago-Kent College of Law. He also received the YLS’ Rising Star Award for Leaders with Exceptional Promise in 2019.

A Paragraph Describing Your Interests When You Aren’t Billing or Blogging: When Kenny isn’t working or cheering on Notre Dame sports teams, he is often found rehearsing a piece for an upcoming concert on his euphonium or tuba. During the Christmas season, he can be found among hundreds of Chicagoland tuba players every year at Tuba Christmas. Finally, Kenny has never met a pizza he didn’t like, whether tavern-style or deep dish.

Best Thing About Being a Lawyer: As a lawyer, I am privileged to not only help my clients with their problems but also learn from them. Specifically, through my career in patent law, I have studied technologies ranging from video games to drones. I have always had a deep respect and love for innovation and the scientific process. Practicing patent law allows me to relieve innovators’ worries about the law and help them focus on what they do best: invent.

One unexpected benefit of being a lawyer is that you may be able to achieve some of your other childhood dreams. Growing up, my band class would go to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for field trips and I would daydream about playing on that stage. Twenty years later, I was able to do just that with the CBASO. I will never forget the thrill of stepping onto that stage and the chills I felt upon hearing the final chords of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. It will always be a highlight of both my legal career and my life.

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