Kenny Matuszewski

Matuszewski_178pxSqPlace of Employment: Rabicoff Law LLC

Area of Practice: Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation

Year of Admittance: 2016

CBA Involvement: Co-Chair of the YLS Intellectual Property Committee; Member of the Blog Steering Committee

A Paragraph Describing Your Professional Background: Before becoming an attorney, Kenny obtained his EMT license, worked as a teaching assistant in a high school biology class and passed the patent bar. Since then, Kenny has focused his practice exclusively in intellectual property law and interned at several Chicago IP firms and the USPTO before joining Rabicoff Law. At Rabicoff Law, Kenny works with electrical, materials, mechanical and software technologies.

A Paragraph Describing Your Interests When You Aren’t Billing or Blogging: When Kenny is not working, he can be found playing a wide variety of musical instruments, including the trumpet, tuba, euphonium and mandolin. As a tuba player, he can be found among the hundreds of Chicagoland tuba players every year at Tuba Christmas.

He is also completing a post-bacc degree in Computer Science at Oregon State University, which has allowed him to become proficient in C++, C, HTML and Javascript. Finally, Kenny formed a restaurant club with some of his friends, which has allowed him to try some of the best restaurants Chicago has to offer.

Best Thing About Being a Lawyer: The unpredictability. No two days are ever the same at my job. One day, I might be arguing in federal court about a patent infringement suit. The next, I may be advocating at the PTAB, requesting that the Board keep my clients’ patents valid. I may even be drafting and negotiating agreements for authors and movie producers. Being a lawyer means using your gifts in a wide variety of contexts to help people, and I am grateful I have that privilege.