Stephanie Nikitenko

Stephanie Nikitenko

Law School: UIC John Marshall Law School

Graduation Year: May 2020

Practice Area of Interest: Intellectual Property and Trademark Litigation

Professional Background: I am a recent J.D. graduate of the UIC John Marshall Law School in Chicago. During my time as a law student, I was the President of the Intellectual Property Law Society and a staff editor for the UIC John Marshall Law School Review of Intellectual Property Law. I currently work as a law clerk/IP specialist for Braun IP Law where I assist the firm with their trademark and patent matters. I will be sitting for the bar exam in September 2020.

Outside Interests: When I finally break away from my studies for a few hours, I enjoy singing, going to concerts, playing tennis, and language learning. I grew up in a multi-lingual household and hold an immense passion for learning other languages. I currently speak English and Spanish and am well on my way to learning Japanese and Russian. I am also a trained vocalist and look forward to seeking opportunities to join a choir once I graduate.

What I Am Most Looking Forward to About Being a Lawyer: I am most looking forward to helping people. Lawyers are in a unique position to help those who may not have much experience dealing with the law. In Intellectual Property practice particularly, clients have usually created something original and specific to their business or brand. I am very much looking forward to helping them protect their Intellectual Property rights.

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