Set Gmail as Your Default Email Handler

Recently you may have noticed a pop-up request when you opened your Gmail, asking “Allow Gmail to open all email links?”. If you are like me, and still struggling to understand the ramifications of the new Google privacy policy, you clicked “No”.  However, for those who use Gmail as their primary email application, this new option will be a great productivity tool. In essence this allows you to automatically open any hyperlinked email address on the web in Gmail by default. This will let you easily email someone directly from a link, instead of having to copy and paste.  You may have struggled with email links in the past, because most operating systems will want to default to the local mail client (like MS Outlook or Windows LiveMail).

So, if you want to go back and answer “yes!”  see “How to Set or Remove Gmail as Your Default Email Link Handler” from Groovy Post and gain a little productivity.

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