Pick A Date

When you need to initiate a meeting, it can quickly turn into a mess of emails without a resolution. Scheduling tools can help take out some of the hassle, and one that really stands out is Doodle. Doodle creates meeting time polls you can send to recipients. Setting up an account is easy and free, and it’s available for mobile.

Simply fill out the details of your meeting and then propose dates off Doodle’s calendar:

doodle calendar


After you’ve selected the dates, choose time options:

doodle time

Users then will receive a poll via email where they can check every option that works for them. Once you’ve set up your basic poll, Doodle provides you additional settings: you can make the poll visible to only you; limit the choices down to one option; limit the number of participants per option (to create a registration form); or allow the respondent to say “If I need to be there.” There are similar products out there, such as Meeting Wizard and WeTime. See which one works best for you!