Reverse Image Search with Google

Did you know you can search a picture? If you ever wanted to find out information about an image, you can use Google’s “Reverse image search.” Google can then find related images and tell you what websites are hosting them. Images of a place can lead you to a more specific location. If your image contains people, it may pull up their social media profiles to tell you more about who they are.


There are two easy ways to search your image. If it’s a file on your computer, you can upload it to Google. Go to and click the camera icon in the search box. Click “Upload and image” and then “Choose file.” Select the file from your computer.



If it is on the web, you can right click and search for it if you are using Google’s browser, Chrome. Right click on any image you see on a website, click “Search Google for this image” and a new tab will bring up your search results.

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