Meet Our Members: Alexis Crawford Douglas

Member Name: Alexis Crawford Douglas

Member Title: Associate at K&L Gates LLP

Years in Practice: 7

Area of Specialty: Trademark, Copyright, Internet and Social Media

Passionate About?: I am passionate about women’s issues, and on how we can build and maintain careers while supporting each other.

Why the YLS?: Because it’s a place to meet genuine, driven and caring lawyers who want to make the best legal community they can.

Role on the YLS Executive Council: Member Service Manager

Best Moment in Your Legal Career so Far?: Getting a position at K&L Gates through an amazing sponsor, hardwork and networking, then…7 years later…seeing promise in a law student interested in my niche area practice area and finding a way, through mentorship and using my resources, to help her move from clerk to summer associate to getting an offer to join us as an associate.  The wins are fun, but the people you are in the trenches with make each day.

Advice for Your Fellow Young Practitioners: Join the CBA and meet as many people as you can. Help someone else, ask for help when you need it. We have a surprisingly small legal community and we all need each other.

Twitter: @alexismcrawford

LinkedIn: Alexis Crawford Douglas



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