Meet Our Members: Alex Passo


Headshot.cropped.pngMember Name:  Alexander I. Passo

Member Title:   Associate

Years in Practice: 4

Area of Specialty: Commercial Litigation/Professional Negligence

Passionate About?: Practicing law in an efficient, effective, and civil manner.

Why the YLS?: I joined the YLS to meet other  young practicing attorneys that were interested in networking and discussing our practices.  The YLS has checked that box annually.  But, has also provided me writing and speaking opportunities on various legal topics, as well as the ability to give back to the community through its pro bono programs and projects.

Role on the YLS Executive Council:  Director

Best Moment in Your Legal Career so Far?: Acting as lead counsel in a matter where I recovered an elderly couple’s retirement savings that had been lost due to negligent professional advice.  I became an attorney to help others and cases like this one – where the result makes a significant impact on someone’s life – are very rewarding to me to work on.

Advice for Your Fellow Young Practitioners: Experience is an invaluable commodity.  When an opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to grab it.  Everyone has a first, whether it be a trial, deposition, or argument.  The key is to gain the experience, because it will eventually lead to more opportunities and skill development.




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