Committee Spotlight: Law Student

Committee Name: Law Student Committee

Co- Chair Information:

Michael Korman, 24 Years Old

Home Town: Northbrook Illinois

Undergraduate: Indiana University (Class of 2016)

Law School: Chicago-Kent College of Law (Class of 2019)

Professional Interests: Family Law and Litigation

Outside Interests: I have lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life and am a big Chicago sports fan.  Watching the Cubs win the World Series in 2016 with my friends and family was one of my favorite memories. Other interests of mine include fantasy football and Game of Thrones.

Matthew Stein, 24 Years Old

Home Town: Wheeling Illinois

Undergraduate: University of Illinois (Class of 2016)

Law School: Chicago Kent College of Law (Class of 2019)

Professional Interests: Criminal Litigation.

Outside Interests: I love College Football and watch as many games as I can throughout the season. The Michigan Wolverines are my favorite team. I also have a great group of friends that enjoy going to concerts and Music Festivals together. With the free time I have left, I can be found somewhere in Logan Square or Lincoln Park checking out the newest pop-up bars.

Day of Committee Meetings: Coordinating meetings with law students (especially between multiple schools) makes it difficult to coordinate regular meetings, but Michael and Matt are responsive to emails and can contact any interested students directly.

Goals and Objectives for the 2018 – 2019 Year: Our goals for this year are to push for more Law students with connections to the Chicago area to get involved with the Young Lawyers Section. We are planning an event at the beginning of the year for new students. We are also hoping to connect Student leaders at the various Chicago law schools to coordinate their events in order to foster community among Chicago area law students.

Featured Speakers or Seminars: Judge Diane Larsen and various members of the Young Lawyers Section will be speaking at an event early this Fall for new law students looking for leadership opportunities with the CBA.

Why should YLS Members join the Committee?: This committee can serve as a springboard for law students to get more involved with the Chicago Legal community, network with their peers at other law schools, and raise awareness about the projects and events at their own school to Chicago legal professionals and students at other schools. We hope this committee will be utilized by leaders at schools with ties to the Chicago area to collaborate on projects together and support each other’s interests both within and outside the YLS.

All Chicago Bar Association members are eligible to participate in committees at no additional cost!  Sign up for CBA and YLS committees by clicking here and begin to receive notices of upcoming meetings and events. 


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