Meet Our Members: Mark Galler

Member Name: Mark GallerFirm Photo (1)

Member Title: Attorney

Years in Practice: 4

Area of Specialty: Criminal Defense/Litigation

Passionate About?: I am passionate about family, food, golf, and defending those who do not have a voice to speak up.

Why the YLS?: The YLS is a great opportunity to meet young attorneys in similar work related situations as you.  There is a huge benefit to making friends with attorneys who are still new to the practice of law because by networking together, you can learn together. 

Role on the YLS Executive Council: Vice-Chair, Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Criminal Law Committee.

Best Moment in Your Legal Career so Far?: In 2017, I was awarded for Excellence in Pro Bono Service from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, in conjunction with the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

Advice for Your Fellow Young Practitioners: Play hard, work hard, and network harder.

Twitter: #MarkGallerLaw






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