83 Members to Celebrate 50 Year Milestone

The Chicago Bar Association congratulates the following 83 members on achieving the 50 year membership milestone. Their contributions to the law and personal achievements over the last five decades will be celebrated at a special luncheon on October 19, 2018. On behalf of the Association, please accept our gratitude for your allegiance and commitment to the profession and to The Chicago Bar Association. Your many years of membership are an example to all of us who followed you into membership sometime after 1967. Congratulations and thank you for your outstanding service. For more information on the luncheon, please contact Karen Stanton, Membership Director, at 312-554-2131.

Sherwin D. Abrams
Stanley J. Adelman
Mitchell F. Asher
Harvey J. Barnett
Robert M. Berger
Donald T. Bertucci
Paul P. Biebel
Edmund P. Boland
Melvin R. Bramson
Robert I. Briskman
L. Edward Bryant
Malcolm W. Burnett
Francis J. Carey
Charles W. Connors
John E. Corkery
George M. Covington
Robert Allan Creamer
Joseph M. Crispino
Thomas J. Cunningham
Stewart H. Diamond
Patrick Thomas Driscoll
Morris G. Dyner
Stephen N. Engberg
Terry L. Engel
Jerald P. Esrick
Roger G. Fein
Arnold M. Flank
Ronald L. Futterman
John R. Garofalo
Kenneth Y. Geman
John J. George
Donald L. Gimbel
Robert H. Glorch
Allen Steven Goldberg
Barry L. Gordon
Joel L. Greenblatt
Joel A. Haber
Philip Hablutzel
Sophia H. Hall
Alan H. Hammerman
Elsie G. Holzwarth
Emery J. Homor
Jeffrey W. Horwitz
R. Thomas Howell
Terrell J. Isselhard
Edward T. Joyce
Allen E. Kanter
Herbert A. Kessel
John K. Kneafsey
Michael D. Leroy
Robert M. Levin
William J. Linklater
Bruce David Locher
Ronald John Loris
Warren  Lupel
Todd C. Lyster
Arthur M. Martin
Ronald A. Mayer
Stephen M. Merrick
Michael D. Miselman
David N. Missner
Gregory E. Norwell
Chester M. Przybylo
David R. Quade
Arthur Raphael
Richard J. Rappaport
Gary H. Rieman
Herbert B. Rosenberg
Stephen P. Sandler
David B. Schappi
Theodore A. Sinars
Jerry D. Sparks
James G. Staples
Sara E. Sumner
Michael B. Susman
Stephen P. Thomas
Michael O. Warnecke
Arnold Weinberg
Friedrich Weinkopf
Edward A. Williams
James H. Williams
Allan A. Wulfstat
John J. Zimmermann

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