Meet Our Members: Natalie Chan

N Chan Headshot (1).jpgMember Name: Natalie C. Chan

Member Title: Associate, Sidley Austin LLP

Years in Practice:  4

Area of Specialty: Employment and Labor

Passionate About?: Enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace (particularly in the legal profession).

Why the YLS?:  I started participating with the CBA as a member of the Editorial Board for the CBA Record.  Taking on a leadership role within the YLS as editor of the YLS Journal seemed to be a natural transition, and Jonathan Amarilio (then-incoming Chair of the YLS) was a major influence in encouraging me to join!  This is a wonderful group of young attorneys and a great way to stay connected to the larger community.

Role on the YLS Executive Council:  Co-Editor-in-Chief of the YLS Journal

Best Moment in Your Legal Career so Far?:  Conducting direct and cross examinations of expert witnesses in court on behalf of our client, a death row inmate in Alabama, during his long-awaited post-conviction evidentiary hearing.

Advice for Your Fellow Young Practitioners:  Get out of your offices or building!  There is a vibrant community that exists beyond where you work, and you will never have as much free time as you do during the early stages of your career (even though it may not feel like it).  Find what inspires you and go get involved early on.  This will not only be rewarding for you personally, but you may find it helps you professionally through the relationships you build.



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