It Takes a Village of Attorneys: Screening for Relief from Deportation for Juveniles

Article Authored by Hillary Richardson and Meredith Turner-Woolley, originally published in the February/March 2019 Issue of the CBA Record

The Journey of Carlos–and Many Others Carlos’s father abandoned his family when Carlos was a baby. When Carlos was eight, his mother came to the United States to work, leaving Carlos with his grandmother in Honduras. Carlos’s mother sent him money every week for food and school supplies, but Carlos’s grandmother treated him badly. She hit him with sticks and cables, and often forced him to stay home from school so he could work, keeping the money for herself. Without his father around to intervene, Carlos had no one in Honduras to protect him from his grandmother’s abuse. By the time Carlos turned 13, he decided he could not take the abuse, and he fled Honduras to join his mother in the United States…

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