@theBar Podcast: The Chief Justices Edition

The Chief Justices Edition is now available!

In this edition, co-hosts Jonathan Amarilio and Trisha Rich are joined by Dan Cotter, lawyer, historian, and author of “The Chief Justices: The Seventeen Men of the Center Seat, Their Courts and Their Times,” to discuss the history of the handful of jurists who have lead the Supreme Court. They discuss key decisions made by the chief justices, their challenges, and the cultural contexts surrounding their decisions, as well as which of the Chief Justices have had the most influential legacies.

Dan Cotter is Past President of The Chicago Bar Association and an Adjunct Professor at The John Marshall Law School. Dan is a frequent writer about the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s founding, and the SCOTUS and its justices. He has written pieces published in Constituting America’s 90 Day Studies, has a regular column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, “Cotter’s Corner,” and has written op-eds that have appeared in a variety of publications over the years. In his spare time, Dan is an amateur historian and his book, “The Chief Justices: The Seventeen Men of the Center Seat, Their Courts, and Their Times,” a civics history of the nation as seen through the center seat of SCOTUS, is available on Amazon. He tweets about SCOTUS and general history daily @scotusbios.

Listen to the episode now at:

The Chief Justices Edition

And, to hear more, join us for a live CLE program at the CBA on May 17 where Dan will be interviewed by Trish.  Click here to register for “The Chief Justices: the 17 Men of the Center Seat – A Conversation with Dan Cotter.”

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