Properly Redact Your Documents

Improper redaction has been in the news repeatedly over the past few years, thanks to the revelation of confidential information in a handful of high-profile cases by way of failure to redact completely. Redaction is not a complicated process if you’re using the correct software, but you do have to know how to use it correctly. “How To…Properly Redact Your Documents” takes a look at this process in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Watch it to make sure you don’t wind up the next headline!

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“Redaction has been a hot topic in several high-profile cases lately, from Paul Manafort to Jones Day. While other seminars have gone more in-depth on the topic, this short-but-sweet seminar is an ideal refresher for anyone looking to ensure that they know the process to successfully and completely redact your documents using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Perfecting this process before filing will help you to avoid any security or confidentiality breaches.”

Speaker: Anne Haag is a Practice Management Advisor at the Chicago Bar Association. Anne worked as a patent paralegal at a Chicago IP firm before arriving at the CBA in 2017 as the Law Practice Management and Technology department’s trainer/coordinator.

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