Women’s History Month Feature: Regine Corrado

In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Chicago Bar Association interviewed several all-stars from our March 6th Working Women’s Legal Summit about the issues facing women in the legal profession today and some secrets to their success.  We will close out the month with a series of posts featuring these interviews.

Below is our featured interview with Regine Corrado, the managing partner of Baker McKenzie’s Chicago office.

Q: What is the most pressing issue facing women in the law today?

A: Many law firms make partnership decisions solely or mainly looking at past performance rather than potential future performance.  This makes it much harder for women who were out on maternity leave(s) to be considered and promoted at about the same times as their male peers.  Even if we prop up financials to account for maternity leaves, we don’t do justice to the ramping down and ramping up time that many women undergo.  The trick will be to look into the future while being guided by past substantive performance.

Q: What is one thing a mentor has helped you learn in the course of your career that you would like to pass on to other women as they navigate the legal profession?

A: Take time out of your busy schedule to (i) plan your next BD moves including client visits and think what issues are on top of mind of our clients and how we can innovatively solve them.

Q: What is one thing you do to achieve a sense of balance between your professional and personal life?

A: There is no balance….However, I am extremely diligent with blocking time in my calendar for and following through with 6 am personal trainer sessions.  I have learned that feeling good physically is truly a pre-condition to feeling good emotionally, both of which are a pre-condition to performing well on my job.  I think that I have not cancelled more than 3 sessions in more than 3  years…I am that serious.



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