The Trial of the Chicago 7 -@theBar Podcast

You may have watched the Oscar-nominated film about The Chicago 7, but we’ve got the inside scoop on one of the most pivotal trials of the century from two of the men who lived it: Assistant U.S. Attorney, Dick Schultz, who prosecuted the case and, John Froines, one of the last two living members of The Chicago 7. Host Jonathan Amarilio and co-host Jennifer Byrne Bland bring you the interviews in our epic 3-part series, The Trial of the Chicago 7 Edition, available on Legal Talk Network at the links below now!

Part 1 – Prosecutor Dick Schultz:…/the-trial-of-the…/

Part 2 – Prosecutor Dick Schultz (Cont.):…/the-trial-of-the…/

Part 3 – Defendant John Froines:…/the-trial-of-the…/

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