How Do New Lawyers Build a Thriving Practice?

A Conversation Between Drew Amoroso & Sable Law Group LLC

Post authored by Drew Amoroso for Carr Workplaces

It’s been said that one of the most challenging parts of being a new lawyer is learning where to place your focus.

With so much new information to process, it’s easy to get caught up in what feels like an endless stream of new experiences, things to learn, and decisions to make for your business.

Drew Amoroso, founder of DueCourse – a technology startup focused on teaching lawyers how to use the power of a healthy mindset to be happier at work – talks with Adella Deacon and Katrice Matthews of Sable Law Group LLC, to learn all about their unique background, how they move through their day with intention, and the tools and services they use to build a thriving practice. 

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Drew Amoroso

About the Author

Drew Amoroso is the founder of DueCourse, a platform that connects lawyers and law firms with personal, professional, and business development coaches. 

Drew started his career as a lawyer, was the owner of a startup law firm, and coaches professionals across the country on how to strengthen their professional mindset and design their workday. He’s the host of The Workday Mindset Podcast and an adjunct professor at several Bay Area law schools where he teaches a Practice Ready Seminar, a course that helps students design their career with intention. 

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