Time Out for Health – A Chicago Traveler's Guide

Tips for a Healthier Chicago ExperienceChicago Travelers Guide to Healthy Choices

You will find few people as passionate about sharing our great city as me. In previous years I’ve written guides on where to eat, shop and talk. This year I’d like to share something different.

Living a healthy lifestyle means making it a part of everyday, even when you’re traveling. So here are a few ways to stay active and balance out those heavy… but delicious Chicago dinners.


Eat well: Lighter daytime meals keep you energized and guilt free at dinner.

Healthy, fast and easy choices all nearby. 

Eat Fit: 1151 S State St. | 312-566-9220 | Menu

Salads, wraps, smoothies & quinoa galore. Inside the FFC health club.

Yolk: 1120 S Michigan Ave. | 312-789-YOLK | Menu

Don’t let the name fool you, this Michigan Ave favorite serves up some of the best fit-breakfast in the whole city.

Pret A Manger: 108 S Michigan Ave | 312-873-0416 | Menu

Gluten free, vegan friendly, quick & convenient. Small portions and great soup allow you to mix & match your way to health.

Native Foods Café: 218 S Clark St.| 312-332-6332 | Menu

The über delicious local café for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free choices.

Freshii: 17 E Monroe St. (Inside the Palmer House Hilton)|312-419-1777 | Menu

Fresh, Fast, Delicious. Quinoa bowls, breakfast burritos, kale chips and smoothies galore.

Meli Café: 500 S Dearborn |312-834-0500| Menu

Greek for honey, Meli never falls short on flavor. A full service juice bar, Almond Milk Hot Chocolate and more salad choices than you’ll know what to do with. Morning till night.

Karyn’s on Green: 130 S. Green St. | 312-226-6155 | Menu

You love the earth, you really really love the earth, and you want everything you touch, taste and consume to contribute to a greater goal of good. Karyn’s is your home away from home. The first all vegetarian option in Chicago offers a culinary treat of specialties. Not to be missed!

Kramer’s Health Foods: 230 S Wabash | 312-922-0077 | Menu

Forget your vitamins? Juicing and need a beet & wheatgrass fix? Kramer’s got you covered. Two stories of nutritional goodness & full service juice / lunch bar.

Trader Joes – 1147 S Wabash | 312-588-0489

Always pressed for time? Stocking your mini-fridge with premade salads & healthy choices make eating easy. Grab a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and throw your own BYOB party back at the hotel.


Stay active: A 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day.

Each of the following clubs offers a free guest pass, all you have to do is show up.

FFC – 1151 S State St. | 312-360-1151| Class Schedule

Early morning Spin Class, craving kettle bells? No need to fall out of your routine, FFC is one of Chicago’s premier clubs, with fantastic group fitness instructors.

Chicago South Loop Runners Club: Morning Run Meet-up Details

Always run in the morning, but don’t know the area? No worries! An avid group of runners is ready to take you along for the ride! Join this group of locals on their near daily run through the south loop & lakeshore.

X Sport Fitness819 S State St. | 312-294-0500 | Class Schedule

Nike Training Club, Dance Fitness, Aqua Fit, and Zumba classes all live under the X Sport roof. Squeeze in a 30 or 45min class and head to dinner ready to take on that 22oz steak with confidence.

Core Power Yoga: 555 W Roosevelt Rd (Rooftop of Best Buy) |312-829-9642 |Class Schedule

Beginner and advanced Yogi’s welcome! Calm yourself and senses with heated & non-heated yoga classes, set against a near 300 degree view of the city skyline. Breathtaking… in more ways than one.

UFC Gym South Loop8 E 9th Street | 312-922-8269 | Class Schedule

TECHSHOW Roommate getting on your nerves? Knock out the stress, not your comrade with these high energy but beginner friendly boxing classes.

The Foundry – Cross Fit:  730 S Clark St. | 312-566-7201| Class Schedule

Cross Fitters… you know those crazy people you see throwing tires and climbing ropes. If you haven’t tried it, make sure you’re free the next morning. Because you won’t be able to move. That said, if we have any Cross Fit die-hards in the room… we’ve got you covered.

JUST ART WALK! | Grant Park Sculpture Collection Guide & Maps

Even 20 minutes around the hotel or park will help keep you focused and energized, especially after a heavy TECHSHOW meal. Lucky for us, Grant Park is across the street and filled with an impressive collection of sculptures to refresh even the most weary smartphone attached eyes.