Five ways to have a better morning.

Morning StretchFor those of us who struggle with mornings, hit quadruple snooze until our iPhone alarms lap each other, and despise the early morning meeting; Here are five ways to get your day in gear, and on the road with time to spare.

1. Get a real alarm clock and place it across the room.

It’s been said that a trip to the gym is easier once you put your gym shoes on. The same is true for getting out of bed. Once you’re actually up, and have walked across the room, you have to make a conscious decision to crawl back under the covers and go to sleep. Snoozing your phone alarm on the night stand, or silencing an alarm right next to you is offers little resistance to oversleeping.

2. Pre-make your breakfast.

Having something delicious to look forward to in the morning is a great motivator. Here are a few easy to make morning meals that are both healthy and commute friendly.

i. Granola Parfaits – Three Ways

ii. Easy Muffin Tin Mini-Omelets

iii. Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

iv. Overnight Slow Cooker Oatmeal

3. Drink a glass of water.

One tall glass of water first thing in the morning will do much more for your energy level than any amount of espresso. Drinking water jump starts your metabolism, digestive system and increases brain function.

4. Lay out your clothes and effects the night before.

Scrambling around the house looking for a sock, your keys, or standing in front of your closet wondering what you should wear eats up precious time, creates stress and in turn… makes you frantic and late. Regain those minutes and start your day calm and on time.

5. Research your destination before bed.

There’s nothing worse than driving around a courthouse or client location you’ve never been too, already running late due to traffic. Taking 5 minutes to run through your route, and find local parking ahead of time works wonders. You’ll not only know when you need to leave, but where to park when you arrive. Extra credit: Save time & money finding Chicago parking with, it’s like the of parking garages.