Leverage Email Alternatives

A new How To… video “Leverage Email Alternatives” explores different ways to electronically communicate and collaborate that reduce reliance on email or improve on its efficacy.  Tools discussed/demonstrated include DragApp, Slack, ZipWhip, Rocket Matter Communicator, Zola Suite, Mattermost and more!

“Lawyers have used email ubiquitously since the first ethics opinions approved its use for lawyer communication. Since then it has become a messaging form that inspires dread and panic about how many unread emails are still lingering in your inbox. Managing email and attachments, foldering them, archiving them, and making sure to send the right message to the right person is a full time job. In this session, we’ll explore viable communication alternatives to email so that you can streamline communications and save yourself some stress.”

Speaker: Catherine Sanders Reach is the Director of Law Practice Management & Technology for The Chicago Bar Association.

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