Reap the Benefits of Data Analytics in eDiscovery

Our latest How To… video discusses how you can “Reap the Benefits of Data Analytics in eDiscovery.” In the video, the speakers help break down the differences between two types of analytics, and outline how you can utilize them to increase both speed and accuracy in the eDiscovery process.

“Data analytics is a hot topic across all industries today, as organizations learn to examine patterns, expose trends, and leverage that insight to make faster and better decisions. Get a straightforward understanding of how data analytics can be applied to your eDiscovery project, and how it will increase your speed and accuracy tenfold. Learn the difference between Structured Analytics and Conceptual Analytics, and the various use-cases for both.”


Sonali Ray earned her mechanical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a registered patent attorney before the USPTO. She has practiced as corporate counsel and an intellectual property associate, with experience negotiating and drafting corporate, commercial, financial, and trade agreements.

Dakota Dux is a member of the Nextpoint software development team. With a focus on building flexible systems, document processing, and search, Dakota has worked for Nextpoint building an online litigation management platform for the past 11 years. Previously, he managed the ingestion and processing of millions of images as a developer at Punchstock.

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