Meet Our Members: Lindsay Margolis

Margolis-20161Member Name: Lindsay Margolis

Years in Practice: Will be 8 years in November

Area of Specialty: Domestic Relations (divorce, prenuptial agreements, child support, parentage, custody/parenting time issues) at one of the top family law firms in Chicago— Beermann LLP.

Passionate About?: Spending time with family and friends, dogs, helping others less fortunate.

Why the YLS?: The YLS provides us younger attorneys with ample resources within the Chicago legal community to start our legal careers out on the right path. All of our members are super intelligent, personable, creative and collaborative. The YLS enables us younger attorneys a plethora of pro bono opportunities to provide services to those in need and to participate in other aspects of the law outside of our daily practice areas.

Role on the YLS Executive Council: Director

Best Moment in Your Legal Career so Far?: Securing primary parenting time, sole decision making and a significant financial support order for my client after over two years of participating in a hotly contested custody case.

Advice for Your Fellow Young Practitioners: Be kind to your opposing counsel and always courteous to your Judge and her staff. Remember that they will not be your enemy in the end—but that may just be your client.

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