Use Voice Technology to Maximize Your Firm’s Billable Hours

Our latest How To video explores how you can “Use Voice Technology to Maximize Your Firm’s Billable Hours.” The speaker offers an in-depth look at how BigHand’s Voice Technology can help save your firm time and money.

“Firms today are constantly pressured by clients to provide greater value while keeping costs in check.  This means optimizing attorney billable hours as well as back office staff time. Voice technology presents a strong case for smarter, more lucrative working. During this session, we’ll introduce you to BigHand Voice Technology, a dictation and workflow solution that’s helping attorneys bill an average of 88 hours extra per year. Angelina Manganaro, our Regional Sales Manager will cover what BigHand Voice Technology is and how it could help your firm become significantly more efficient, and profitable.  Learn more about this powerful, yet easy-to-implement and use technology and how your firm can leverage it to be more competitive.”

Speaker: Angelina Manganaro is a Regional Sales Manager at BigHand. She has over 16 years of experience in the technology industry, with 10 years focused in legal technology. Angie is well-versed in voice productivity software and helping law firms determine how they can optimize their back office efficiency and productivity. She can help firms review and evaluate their current systems and consult with them on the best solution based on their specific productivity and ROI goals.

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