Attorneys Carry a High Risk of Developing Secondary Trauma: Get Tools to Improve Your Health and Mindfulness

CBA Law Practice Management & Technology

Do you find yourself interacting with traumatized clients with any degree of frequency? Even if your representation has nothing to do with that trauma, you still might be at risk of developing secondary trauma as a result of your interaction with them. In fact, legal professionals carry the second-highest risk of developing secondary trauma. It impacts daily life and mental health, and can make any hope of achieving a work-life balance evaporate.

In the upcoming Law Practice Management and Technology CLE December 12 seminar, “Preserving Your Mental Health in the Wake of Client Trauma,” we’ll explore how client trauma can take a toll on your mental health. Panelists from a variety of professional backgrounds will outline what trauma and secondary trauma look like both on a neurological level and in daily life, and explore how you can prevent it from taking hold of your life.

We’ll also discuss…

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