Make Your PDFs Accessible to Visually-Impaired and Motion-Impaired Clients

Our latest LPMT “How To” explores how you can “Create Accessible PDFs Using Adobe Acrobat Pro.” The on demand video is an introductory-level look at accessibility as it relates to PDFs and is free for CBA members. Watch it at
About the video:
PDFs can be the root of immense frustration for attorneys or clients with different accessibility needs. The good news is that there are settings available in Adobe Acrobat that can make the PDFs more accessible for visually-impaired and motion-impaired users, you just have to know how to activate and use them. This program explores what factors you need to consider when thinking about PDF accessibility, and how you can use these settings to ensure that you are working with the most accessible PDFs possible. Note that this program is specifically for Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

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